How am I billed?

Alluxo is a subscription service with multiple tiers.

First, we offer a free tier that allows you to add 1 connection, 5 charts, and 1 dashboard. This tier can be used for an unlimited period of time without the need to pay or add a payment method.

Second, we offer a paid tier that allows you add 2 connections, 20 charts, and 5 dashboards. This tier costs $100/month when billed monthly and $900/year when billed annually. When paying annually, you get 3 months of Alluxo service for free.

At any time, you can upgrade or downgrade your Alluxo account. There are no longer contracts or hoops to jump through.

We also make it easy to see your bill preview when you are logged in to the Alluxo web app. To see a bill preview, please visit the Settings page within the Alluxo application.

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